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There are several hiking trails available near the house to be able to practice on foot, by bicycle or on horseback that can be practiced without any problem at almost every time of the year.


The Iberian ham is, without doubt, the star product of the cuisine of Extremadura. Not surprisingly, hams in this area are considered among the best in the world. In addition, the region has a rich culinary tradition based on native products such as lamb or piglet as well as all products from the garden or hunting.


Entresierras Rural House is located in a privileged place for the observation of a large number of wildlife species such as deer and wild boar as well as countless bird species. The landscape is characterized by holm oaks, cork oaks, mount de jara and madroños. Having a friendly climate in much of the year that allows the practice of many nature activities, such as hiking, cycling, horse riding ...


Cáceres knows how to transport you to another era, to other events, to other lives ... Walking through the Monumental City at night or in the rain can lead especially to evocation, romanticism and, above all, to the enjoyment of thousands of sensations. Modern Cáceres, in turn, allows them to accompany them with cultural and leisure activities, as well as high-quality tourist services that make visiting Cáceres a memorable experience.


Trujillo is a city full of history where castles, palaces, churches, towers, manor houses and convents tell us about a past that does not want to disappear or get lost in oblivion with a tour of Trujillo knowing the Route of the Discoverers, which without Place of doubt is a unique experience in the province of Cáceres in Extremadura.


Stroll through a street of trendy shops and tapas bars, turn a street and discover a Roman temple. Enjoy an outdoor theater show during a summer night and do it in a monumental Roman theater with more than 2,000 years of history. Enter the city by a Roman bridge and contemplate in front of an Arab citadel. This is Mérida, the World Heritage City located in Extremadura

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